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Closer Than Enemies
By Karen Coleman
Closer Than Enemies was an extraordinary debut novel. The book touched on a lot of topics - love, pain, friendship, careers, and intimate relationships. Karen did a good job of balancing the various character's stories, and then tying them all together. The two main characters, Peyton and Kimberly, who are best friends, are different like night and day but have a close bond! Kimberly had some deep-rooted problems, and at times, I found her very unlikable because of her trifling behavior. Peyton was a much more likable character who is a kind, God-loving woman, a devoted wife. All of the characters in the book were interesting and the way they were developed, I felt like I actually knew them. My mind was blown at all the twist and turns that unfolded that I couldn't put the book down' This book will definitely make you think twice of people in your life that really have your best interest at heart. The book have some hot sex scenes and massive amounts of drama. All of these things made Closer Than Enemies a great book! ..
Here's what one reader wrote about Closer Than Enemies
Peyton left her position at her Father's Law Firm to pursue personal goals and to tend to her husband of 16 years Gil, a prominent plastic Surgeon, But When her father has a heart attack, She's forced to return to the firm to help with a high profile case. She enlists the help of her best friend Kimberly, who's also an attorney to assist her. Kimberly, who has been harbouring a secret for years soon Betrays her friend in a most unusual way.Their Friendship gives a whole new meaning to the phrase..."KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE, AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER
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so enjoyed reading this book! The introduction and details describing each character was so intrigueing that I didn't want to put the book down. Anyone who reads this book is in for a suprise, and will be able to relate to this very realistic storyline. The plot thickened into a betrayal that I never saw coming. One that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, but so realistic that I felt like I was watching the scenes play out in a movie on TV. Congratulations to the Author. You go girl! Can't wait to see what you have for us next! 
The book "Closer than Enemies" is a absolute good book. It is a page turner that will keep you glued to the book.The surprise is at the end of the book ...and I promise your jaw will drop. Good job Karen on this one!!!!!