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About Karen Coleman of Kaldonya Brunson Productions

Karen Coleman is a phenomenal author with a distinctive style that inspires and captivates. As an author, playwright and screenwriter, Karen has demonstrated a sensational talent for steering her readers through every line and page with eager anticipation.

Karen has published a number of popular adult novels, including the Arkansas Heat Crime series which has been described by fans as a riveting, fast-paced, thrilling read. 

Her pre-teen novels are insightful, passionate and empowering. As a mentor and former city council member, Karen understands the social challenges faced by teens in this era and she is able to skillfully address these topics with a finesse that lends excitement, adventure and encouragement.

Karen’s literary works have garnered much fanfare and has not only been enjoyed by her many readers; she’s highly celebrated among her writing peers. Her books are meant to inspire, uplift, and entertain leaving her audience asking for more. Karen is dedicated to bringing you quality entertainment and we do hope that you’re inspired by our work. So pick up a copy today, sit back, relax, and enjoy a great read.
​Author and Producer Karen Coleman