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About Karen Coleman of Kaldonya Brunson Productions
Karen Coleman is an Arkansas author, playwright, screenwriter and actor. She can be seen in local plays in her area and will be the featured actor in her many stage productions. Karen began penning her thoughts to paper in her spare time as a hobby. After years of careful thought and the encouragement of those who enjoyed her literature, she began to write on a more intense level eventually turning out several great novels.

She offers something for almost every reader, from her adult crime series and other adult themed books to her pre-teen novels there’s something to be enjoyed by the entire family. There’s nothing as powerful as the cool finish that comes from this author’s style. Her Arkansas Heat Crime series takes readers on a fast-paced thrilling adventure. Her adult novels sends the reader on an amazing high with dramatic plots filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Karen Coleman’s pre-teen books feature topics that are not only entertaining but possesses insightful elements that offer fun ways to spark conversations on issues teens face today. Issues like, falling in love, peer pressure, bullying prompting them to make conscious decisions and quality choices all without sounding too preachy. Your teens will love them.

Formerly a city council member with over thirteen years of service working with youth, Karen mentors young girls and young women who may find themselves on a path resulting in negativity thereby encouraging them to steer their lives back on course with positive reinforcements and giving them hope. Aside from mentoring youth, she loves donating teen novels to those who can’t afford them. As much as the author would love to donate to all youth, the cost is staggering. If you would like to donate a book to a teen, please feel free to contact us.

Karen’s literary works have garnered much fanfare and have not only been featured in the industry but highly celebrated among her writing peers. Her books are meant to inspire, uplift and entertain leaving her audience asking for more. Karen is dedicated to bringing you quality entertainment and we do hope that you’re inspired by our work. 
So pick up a copy today, sit back relax and enjoy a great read.

​Author and Producer Karen Coleman